With Immense experience of more the 25 years in automotive industry we have specialized in transmission components and can manufacture specialized and Gear and allied components according to our customer requirements. We have been manufacturing components from passenger car segment to heavy machinery parts like for excavators, road rollers etc. 

Crown Pinion

Crown gears typically mesh with other bevel gears or spur gears, a typical use being a crown gear and pinion system, which allows a rotary motion to be shifted 90 degrees. We at blackbird provide you crown wheel & tail pinion, which are cut using the latest technology tools ensuring better noise levels.


With years of experience, the business unit is engaged in manufacturing and exporting an outstanding range of Gears. These gears are designed from premium quality cast iron, steel, and other materials to meet the diverse application requirements of our clients.


Tractor Shafts are of many kinds, namely transmission, PTO, hydraulic, etc. The primary purpose of the shaft is to transmit energy to the attached implement with a tractor. Moving equipment for pumping water, rotavator, spraying, threshing, and others can be done with the help of these shafts.


From simple linkage pins to high torque transmission pins we have exceled in
manufacturing all type of pins. They are important component as they help the part to
hold it to its respective position and function properly.


We have huge range and experience to manufacture all type of Planetary Rings. We
manufacture rings for front axle of tractor to final drive rings of excavators.